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Planck Interdimensional Energy Solutions was founded in 1930 by Max Planck. The name was originally a joke; the idea of a Quantum Reactor was firmly in the realm of theoretical physics.

Just a decade later, however, the first Quantum Reactor was revealed on the second of July, 1939. It was a triumph of engineering, taking all of Planck's theories and bringing them together to create a new era of limitless potential.

Innovation was inevitable. Quantum Reactor 1 was small, with a power output of only 4,015 megawatts on average. In 1942, QR II was revealed after being built covertly in Greenland. QR II pioneered the standard underground design, and was a much more ambitious project than the first. Due to its remote location, safety regulations were more lenient, and it was built with a fraction of the budget of QR 1. Even so, it has operated nearly accident free for over 70 years.

A year earlier, in 1941, Planck had been greenlit for a building permit on Luna. In 1943, the first thermonuclear power plant was built in the scenic Mare Frigoris.

At this point, Planck Interdimensional was snowballing into the dominating corporation it is today. Numerous more power plants were built all around the globes in the following decades.

Only a few years after Max Planck cut the ribbon to Quantum Reactor V in Antarctica, tragedy struck. Max, now aged 131, was overseeing an inspection of the obsolete QR 1 (which was only operational for tourism), when 



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