Planck Interdimensional
Sysem-wide safe, clean energy

Our Workers


Richard Vasilios - Head Engineer

Richard has contributed to many of the structural feats of the Quantum Reactor, and we can thank him that we're always a step ahead of competing organizations like George's Nuclear Corp.

BRIAN - Head of research

Brian is our head of research. His innovations and inventions led to the success of QR-VII, although he was reported missing during the employee evacuation and never found. He is assumed dead. RIP. 

Samantha mendez - head manager

Samantha has gained her high ranking position due to her... um... capability and professional manner. Not because of physical threats or anything like that.

Science Pete - Spokesman, mascot

You all know Science Pete. The world-famous celebrity that is the voice of our company. He's starred in many feature films and documentaries such as Pete's Big Day, Heat Death: What We Can Do About It, and The Llama Whisperer.

Phillip Smith - Atomic scale expert

Phillip is just 8 nanometers tall. He helps us by assembling certain atoms and fixing tiny machines.